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  • What happens if the above time is reached or surpassed

    The court will be requested to enter interlocutory judgment against the Department concerned because it will be assumed that government ministry concerned has admitted the claim and have no defense to offer.

  • What can our advocates do?

    Our Advocates inform consumers of Mental Health services about their rights, help them speak for themselves or speak on their behalf. Our Advocates assist consumers with complaints about rights and services and bring issues to officials for resolution.

  • What do you mean by the client bill of costs

    This is a statement of account highlighting each of the services rendered by the advocate, when they were rendered and how much each service costs.

  • What happens to complaints accepted by the commission

    The Commission embarks on the investigation process and where a complaint lacks substance, the same is rejected and complainant notified accordingly. On the other hand, if there is substance in a complaint and the same constitutes a disciplinary offence, it is referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal for further appropriate action.

  • What is required of the complainant when reporting a complaint

    The complainant is required to accompany his/her complaint with a copy of his/her national identification card or passport. Provide copies of all relevant documents or letters including receipts, particulars of parties’ involved, insurance claims, policy numbers and court cases.